Promotion MGL#1

BBlack Studio

Cranked Up

Cranked Up is a challenging and crazy platform game where animal-themed donuts equipped with powerful rockets try to save Mr. Mug, their favorite cup of coffee!
Complete 50 levels across two different worlds in an extensive single-player campaign mode. Play Cranked Up across various game modes, from Adventure story mode to hardcore Floor is Lava mode to Chrono mode.

benoit beaudet

Benoît Beaudet


Game Director

arthur lacour

Arthur Lacour

Game Developer


Build The Light

The Bounds VR

Build The Light has been created in 2018 following the gathering of two people convinced that they could make good games if they worked together on common projects. From there was born the first prototype: The BOUNDS.

In 2021, Build The Light was selected to be part of the first GameLab promotion launched by the « BIC » in Montpellier and the association « Push Start ». In this context, the focus went on the development of the VR adaptation of The BOUNDS.

pierre mauger

Pierre Mauger


Lead 3D Artist

geraud toussaint

Géraud Toussaint


Lead Programmer

Exalted Studio

Big Helmet Heroes

Exalted Studio is a gathering of senior talents across the globe with its core in Montpellier, south of France. After having all worked in the entertainment industry for 12 years, we want to work on making our own games and put all our efforts and love into them! We aim to entertain gamers around the world.

florian de gesincourt

Florian de Gesincourt

PDG Directeur de création

laurent kobel

Laurent Kobel

Game Director

miha vozelj

Miha Vozelj

Art Lead

Fireplace Games

En Garde!

Fireplace Games is a video game studio founded in 2020.
The 8 co-founders originally met at Supinfogame Rubika, an internationally renowned video game school.
We aim to create high quality and innovative experiences with compelling player fantasies.

anais simonnet

Anaïs Simonnet



sylvain schmuck

Sylvain Schmück

Managing Director

Technical Game Designer

adrien poncet

Adrien Poncet

Game & Narrative Designer


julien fenoglio

Julien Fenoglio

Concept Artist

Game Writer

valentin capitaine

Valentin Capitaine

Gameplay Designer

Playtest Coordinator

tim guthmann

Tim Guthmann

Technical Animator


corentin mange

Corentin Mangé

Level Designer


pierre chapelet

Pierre Chapelet

Gameplay Programmer


Play Curious

Crispr Crunch

Play Curious is a video game studio specializing in the production of engaging games on fascinating topics. Through our games, we want to transmit and help understand the complex world around us. We like to take on important subjects such as new technologies, science, history, urban planning, climate change, to name a few.

We develop all sorts of games for all sorts of people! Including marketing games, e-learning games, serious games, role playing games, visual novels, etc.

jesse himmelstein

Jesse Himmelstein



ilyes khamassi

Ilyes Khamassi

Chargé de mission Business Development

emeline mariotte

Emeline Mariotte

Consultante Communication


Romain Llapasset

Romain Llapasset

Consultant Scientifique


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